How to Use Pale Blue Earth Batteries for Outdoor Activities

batteries in headlamp

You love to get outdoors. A good day for you is spent hiking, cycling, or otherwise being active. It goes without saying that you depend on batteries a lot. As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we get you. We have developed our USB rechargeable lithium ion batteries to offer you a more convenient way to power your electronic devices.

This post offers some tips for using Paleblue Earth USB batteries to power your outdoor activities. Before we get to them however, a discussion about battery weight is important. On average, our batteries are 30% lighter than other types of batteries. 

It Really Makes a Difference

Battery weight really makes a difference for people who are active outdoors. For example, do you frequently use a headlamp for hiking, running, or climbing? You would immediately notice a difference in battery weight in your hand or on your head. You would notice the difference with a body cam, a portable music player, or any other device you carry.

If you are still not convinced, check out the following weight differences. Paleblue Earth batteries are lighter than alkalines in every format:

  • AA – 25% lighter
  • AAA – 39% lighter
  • 9 V – 38% lighter
  • D – 55% lighter.

Imagine a flashlight powered by D cells. You can cut the battery weight by more than 50% simply by replacing alkalines with our USB lithium ion rechargeable batteries. That's a lot less weight to lug around on your next camping trip.

Using and Caring for Your Batteries 

Paleblue batteries will give you years of reliable service if you use and care for them properly. To that end, we have a number of helpful tips for you.

Don't Let Them Get Too Hot

Heat is one of the primary enemies of batteries of all types. Be careful to not allow your rechargeable batteries to get too hot. Do not leave your USB batteries in direct sunlight; don't leave them in a hot car; don't get them near an open flame. Heat reduces life and in extreme situations increases the risk of catastrophic failure.

Recharge Them Regularly

Our batteries are smart batteries in the sense that they self-regulate charging and have lower self-discharge issues than other chemistries of rechargeable batteries such as NiMH. There is no need to completely discharge them before charging them again, although is a good idea to make sure you charge them at least once every 6-12 months or so to ensure they don’t completely run out of power. The on-board circuit needs to run a diagnostic program before allowing the battery to charge and that requires a tiny amount of on-board power. The battery will turn off before it is completely dead so it keeps a reserve tank for this reason. Still, over time, that reserve tank can run out even if the battery is not in use so, it’s important to not leave them totally ‘dead’ for months and months or they may not allow you to recharge them. 

Use Them Regularly 

Regular charging and discharging will keep the batteries in tip top shape. At the very least, as we mentioned before, don’t leave them dead for a long time.

Charge before Storing

Rechargeable batteries slowly discharge when not in use. Paleblue batteries will take upwards of a year to discharge, but it is still a good idea to fully charge a set of batteries before storing them away for any length of time. 

Charging port dust covers

All Paleblue Earth batteries have a dust cover to keep the charging ports free of dust, lint etc. It’s best to close this dust cover while you are using the batteries and open it again for charging.

Take Spare Batteries

It's a smart idea to take extra rechargeable batteries whenever you leave home. As tough and reliable as Paleblue Earth batteries are, they don't last forever and like any consumer electronic are susceptible to damage from accidental misuse or abuse. The last thing you need is to get out into the middle of nowhere and discover that your only set of batteries is out of juice. 

Carrying a spare set gives you access to power even when you cannot find a USB charging port. So even if you don't think you'll need them, take extra batteries. You never know.

Paleblue batteries are great for outdoor activities. Take care of your batteries and they will take care of you, offering you hundreds of charging cycles to keep your electronic devices powered.