Electronic Door Locks: Batteries Make a Difference

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Have you noticed how popular electronic door locks have become? Even if you don't have them in your home, there is a good chance that at least several homes in your neighborhood are equipped with them. People love electronic door locks because they are keyless and can often be controlled remotely. But to make them work, you need reliable batteries, and preferably rechargeable batteries that you can use over and over without having to buy new batteries or discard old ones. Needless to say, your choice of batteries makes a difference.


Your typical electronic lock is powered by a removable battery or batteries. Some locks utilize a single 9V battery while others rely on multiple AA or AAA batteries. Regardless of the form factor, batteries do not last forever. They have to be changed when they run low or stop working. We obviously recommend Pale Blue Earth batteries which can be recharged quickly and conveniently.


Electronic Door Lock Fundamentals


Perhaps you are not familiar with electronic door locks. Allow us to change that by explaining the fundamentals. For starters, an electronic door lock takes the place of the current lock on an exterior door. It is built around the deadbolt design for maximum security.


The lock is electronic in the sense that it utilizes both electronic and mechanical locking mechanisms. Choosing to utilize the electronic mechanism means you don't need a key. You can lock or unlock your door by typing in a multi-digit code.


Electronic locks still come with key mechanisms for the simple fact that you might forget your code. Not only that, but you might also come home from work one day and find that the internal battery is dead or dead enough to not have the power to open the mechanism. Without the ability to use a key, you would be locked out of your house.


Remote Operation Feature


For the most part, you need strong and reliable batteries to power the keypad and electronic locking mechanism. But there is another feature for which batteries are indispensable: remote operation. This is perhaps the coolest aspect of electronic door locks.


Unless you settle for an entry-level lock, most of the electronic locks you can buy at hardware stores and online come with companion apps. You install the app on your smartphone and make sure it is correctly paired with the lock. Now you can use your phone to lock and unlock the door remotely.


Maybe your kids have a bad habit of forgetting the access code. No worries. Let them in after school with your phone. Perhaps you're having out-of-town guests coming in for a visit. Again, no problems. All they have to do is text you when they arrive. You can let them in with the swipe of a finger.


You Need Reliable Batteries


As good as electronic door locks are, they are only as effective as the batteries that power them. You need reliable batteries you know you can count on. Paleblue Earth USB-C rechargeable batteries are an obvious good choice. Built on lithium-ion technology, our batteries offer better output voltage performance compared to disposable alkaline products. They also offer longer life when you consider that a single Paleblue Earth battery can be recharged a thousand times or more.


Being able to recharge Paleblue’s liuhium-ion batteries more than a thousand times suggests you could use the same battery in a given lock for your entire life and then some. Imagine that!


Electronic door locks are fantastic tools for home security and automation. If you are planning to invest in one, just remember that your choice of batteries matters. Without batteries, all you have is just another lock requiring a key.