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Paleblue vs. Alkaline Batteries

Higher Performance. Less Waste. No more trips to the store for batteries.

Paleblue batteries create less waste.

In addition to our curb recyclable packaging, Paleblue batteries are rated and tested for 1,000 recharge cycles. This means each Paleblue can replace 1,000 single-use alkaline batteries (and their associated packaging) that end up in landfills.

Stable voltage from start to finish.

Paleblue batteries stay at 1.5 volts from start to finish as they are used. Alkaline batteries start at 1.5 volts but drop as you use them. In devices like headlamps, alkaline batteries will cause your light to dim as it's used. Paleblue batteries will keep your headlamp bright until the very end, allowing for more use and enjoyment!

Stop running out to buy batteries.

Think about what happens when your alkaline batteries run out. Perhaps you drive to the nearest store or you shop online for more batteries. Either way, it takes up your time, energy, and money. With Paleblue, simply use the onboard USB port to fully charge them in as little as 90 minutes.