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Become a Pale Blue Ambassador

Pale Blue Earth is on a mission to put an end to single use batteries. Remember incandescent light bulbs? Plastic straws? Yep, that’s what will happen to single use batteries and we can’t wait to see this dream become a reality. But we do need your enthusiastic support.
The goal of our ambassador program is to further our mission through partnerships with individuals such as yourself who believe we can make this change happen and are willing to share our story with their family, friends and followers. If you are inspired by our mission, you can be an inspiration to others.

Perks of being a Pale Blue Ambassador

  • Early awareness, access, and testing of new Pale Blue products
  • Opportunities to win prizes and perks
  • Personalized 25% discount code to share with family and friends
  • Better sleep knowing you are making a difference 

Responsibilities of a Pale Blue Ambassador

  • Participate as you see fit in our monthly campaigns
  • Create and share content that helps tell the Pale Blue story and mission
  • Share your experiences
  • Provide us feedback about our brand, product, marketing, service and anything else that can help us get ever better